Dahlia Chinese Zodiac Jade Pendant Necklace Genuine Certified Grade A Jadeite 1224 Inch Pendant Necklaces silver Kv6c5Coqv

Dahlia Chinese Zodiac Jade Pendant Necklace Genuine Certified Grade A Jadeite 1224 Inch Pendant Necklaces silver Kv6c5Coqv

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This Chinese zodiac jade necklace is a great and unique gift. The zodiac symbol is hand carved on Grade A jadeite jade pendant that measures the following Q80Q90 version 0.95 x 1.5 inchFu version 0.8 x 1.5 inch and Large version 1.18 x 1.75 inch and is attached on a 12 to 24 inch red adjustable cord which makes it very versatile for any wearer. This pendant is made of Grade A jadeite jade which is not treated at all with any chemicalmuch more valuable than jade and its price increases every year. Due to the hand carve work and jadeite jade use each pieces may vary slightly by designsizeweight and color. You would give the necklace based on the birth year of the wearer with his/her corresponding zodiac sign.

Year of the Rat (1912192419361948196019721984199620082020)
Year of the Ox (1913192519371949196119731985199720092021)
Year of the Tiger (1914192619381950196219741986199820102022)
Year of the Hare (1915192719391951196319751987199920112023)
Year of the Dragon (1916192819401952196419761988200020122024)
Year of the Snake (1917192919411953196519771989200120132025)
Year of the Horse (1918193019421954196619781990200220142026)
Year of the Sheep (1919193119431955196719791991200320152027)
Year of the Monkey (1920193219441956196819801992200420162028)
Year of the Rooster (1921193319451957196919811993200520172029)
Year of the Dog (1922193419461958197019821994200620182030)
Year of the Pig (1923193519471959197119831995200720192031)

Due to the influx of improperly marked jade in the marketwe offered these Grade A jadeite pendant necklace with certification. Each certificate ID will match the ID on each individual Grade A jadeite jade piece.

Valuable and Safe-to-wear Jadeite jade is rarer and more expensive than Nephriteand its value increases overtime. Grade A means the jade is NOT treated by chemicalsthus is safe for your skincompared to Grade B & C jade.
Authenticity Each piece comes with a certificate by China's National Testing Center which is more authoritative in certifying jade than G.I.A. of the U.S.A. The certificate can be verified online instantly.
Meaning In Chinese culturejadeite jade is believed to have healing power and wards off evil spirits. The Chinese Zodiac is represented by 12 Animals. People born in the years of Ox are believed to be CautiousPatient& Persistent.
Dimension & Quality Due to the nature of jadeeach piece varies slightly by designsizeweightand color from the image. Please compare to the US quarter coin reference in the product picture. The red cord is adjustable from 12 to 24 inches. Q# is Dahlia's jadeite quality score based on claritycolortextureand transparency. The higher the Q number isthe better the jade quality.
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