COLORFUL BLING Long Leaves Pendant Necklace Handmade Boho Leaf Sweater Chain Pendant Necklaces in nZBcKPeNl

COLORFUL BLING Long Leaves Pendant Necklace Handmade Boho Leaf Sweater Chain Pendant Necklaces in nZBcKPeNl

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Real Leaf Necklace

The bodhi tree leaf symbolizes the longing for a beautiful life.

With the good wishes and wonderful meaning,

the necklace is perfect for gift for your beloved one or just a nice treat for yourself.

Each Is Unique

Each leaf is selected carefully with heart and soul.

Each process is fulfilled by hand by our sophisticated workers.

We ensure that each of our products is unique.

Works Well with Your Daily Style

These color perfect for all seasons,

when golden meets leafan amazing necklace was born.

As our clothes trend darker in some daysthe necklace will add some punch to your daily style.

Occasion and Match

With an advanced technology and elaborate workmanship,

the leaf necklace appears an expensive-looking jewelry.

Perfect for sweaterstunicscoats,

easy to create a fashion styleflattering your look.


Every summerwhen the leaves in their most vigorous state,

we pick the most beautifulmesophyll-complete and non-defective leaves in the woodland.

For environmental protectiononly a small amount of leaves are removed from each tree.

Nextthe leaves are left in the water for 20 days.

After thatthey are put it in sunshine for decomposition.

Use a brush to carefully brush off the mesophyll on the leaves,

only keep the integrity of the veins.

Check every leaf again to make sure all the leaves are complete.

The metallic is plated on each leaf.

appearing a shiny color.

Finallya perfect leaf necklace is born.


We sincerely thank you for your support on us.

We are looking forward to your five star review.

There are no two leaves which are the same in the world,send it to your lovepromise that she or he means unique to youunparalleled and irreplaceable.
It is a perfect choice if you are choosing a gift for your beloved ones.
A magic gift from nature for you! Made from a real leafeach process is 100%. With our sophisticated technologythe leaf necklace is so delicateworks well with your daily outfit.
Due to the various shapes of real leavesthe sizes are different. Lightweight to wear and very comfortable. The clasp chain is 11.8 inches long.
In case of any defectivereturns and exchanges are permitted within 30 days from the purchase date. For the pure natural materialthe necklace is soft and crisp. Avoid folding and colliding. Keep the necklace drybetter not contacting water or any other liquid.

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