14k White Gold LabGrown Diamond Bracelet Stackable 150 cttw FG Color VSSI Clarity 75 Tennis WHITE MQIfXdLsQ

14k White Gold LabGrown Diamond Bracelet Stackable 150 cttw FG Color VSSI Clarity 75 Tennis WHITE MQIfXdLsQ

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The 4Cs Of Diamonds - CutColorClarityand Carat


Cut is the first (and most important) of the C's. The cut of the diamond refers to how well-proportioned the dimensions are. This is the single largest factor that creates the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.

Ideal This represents the best possible cut and is very rare.Nearly all light that enters the diamond is reflected.

Very Good This cut represents the top 10%-15% of diamond cut quality. Hard to distinguish from an ideal cut to the naked eye. High light reflection at a lower cost than Ideal.

Good This cut represents roughly the top 20%-30% of all diamonds. It reflects most of the lightbut less than the very good and ideal cuts.

Fair and Poor Appearing much more dull30%-40% of all diamonds fall into these cut categories. New World Diamonds does not offer any products graded as fair or poor as they do not meet our commitment to quality.


Color is graded on a scale ending in ZThe rarest and most expensive are diamonds are graded D,E and F. Diamonds with more color than Zor in other shades such as orangepinkblueetc. are classified as "Fancy Colored Diamonds".

To determine the correct colorall submitted diamonds are compared to an internationally accepted master set of stonesthe colors of which range from Dor colorless (the most sought after) to Zthe most yellow/brown - aside from "fancy" yellow.


Clarity is defined in two variablesinclusions and blemishes. In order to grade the clarityit is necessary to observe the number and nature of the imperfections. Inclusions are enclosed within a diamondwhile blemishes are external.

I1I2I3 - Visible flaws and blemishes noticeable with the human eye. New World Diamonds does not offer these poor grades.

SI1SI2 -Slightly included diamonds. Inclusions areclearly noticeable at 10x magnification and can possibly been seen on the side by the naked eye.

VS1VS2 VVS1VVS2 - Very slightly and very very slightly included diamonds. Minor inclusions ranging from difficult (VVS1) to somewhat easy (VS2) to see only with the aid of 10x magnification. These are difficult to spot any flaws with an untrained naked eye.

I.F. - Internally Flawless. Blemishesif anycan only be seen under a microscope. Considered essentially perfectI.F. is extremally rare and carry a premium market cost compared to all other grades.


Carat (ct.) is the measurement used to determine the weight or size of a diamond. One carat weighs 1/5 of a gram and is divided into 100 pointsso a diamond weighing 1.07 ct. is referred to as "one carat and seven points."

It is important to note that diamonds of the same weight don't necessarily have the same size appearance. If cut too shallow or deepa diamond may look small for their weight.

Premium Presentation Included

EVERY New World Diamonds purchase comes standard with our premium double fold hinged box.

Sharing the Gift of a Diamond

If you are making this purchase as a giftconsider adding convenient gift wrapping and messaging service to your order.

It's all about the Details...

This is a Big Deal... Giving the gift of a diamond is a process that has to go as flawless as the diamond itself. We commit to the details so you don't have to.

1 1/2 Ct. T.W. White Lab-Grown Diamond 14K White Gold Stackable Bracelet
14kt White Gold
Bracelet secures with an easy clasp
Ethically Conscious and Conflict Free. Were building a smarter diamond companyone that celebrates the wonder of diamonds and ditches everything we dont love about the industry.
New World Diamonds stands behind the craftsmanship of our fine jewelry and as a result offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all our diamonds.
PLAN STARTS Plan starts date of purchase for earringsnecklacesbraceletsringswatches and more!
COVERAGE DETAIL $0 deductible. Fully transferable if bought as a gift. Valid only on jewelry purchased on Amazon within the last 30 days.
PLAN BENEFITS Plan covers mounting repairresetting stonespearl restringingkinks or knots.
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